Business Intelligence

A central and interactive Business Intelligence solution designed specifically for financial institutions for collating and analysing vital management information.


Whistlebrook’s Business Intelligence application (ALFI) allows users to interactively monitor, analyse and plan operational and performance data. ALFI pulls your operational data from disparate IT systems into a central data warehouse to give you a single, integrated view of your business. Data in the ALFI® data warehouse can be used for both corporate business intelligence (via dashboards) and self-service business intelligence for localised queries and ad-hoc production of figures. You can use this data to automate reporting processes, carry out detailed analysis and monitoring, analyse risk and provide all of this in either traditional reporting format or graphical output.


There are numerous Business Intelligence systems in the market place, however few if any have been designed to cater for the specific needs of a financial institution in the same way the Whistlebrook solution has.

The pulling together of all of a firm’s data to produce key management information presents a significant set of challenges:

  • A firm’s data is often help in multiple sources
  • How do you ensure everyone in the business is working from the same data
  • Does your team have the required IT skills, if not, how long will it take for IT to collect the required data?
  • How do you turn operational data into usable management information?

ALFI® is used by our customers to produce monthly operational reporting as well as higher level analytics and KPIs that are typically available via dashboards. Individuals also frequently use Alfi via Excel to view data very quickly and with no technical expertise required at all.

ALFI helps it’s users to:

  • Turn operational data into usable management information
  • Manage and report on liquidity
  • Manage and report on multiple categories of risk
  • Reduce regulation and reporting overheads
  • Respond quickly to regulatory and market changes
  • Monitor and adjust performance using detailed drill-down capability
  • Provide a single, integrated view of client, product or asset
  • Produce company-wide dashboards and report libraries for regular management information.
  • No technical IT skills are required, this empowers end users as there is no need to involve the IT department.

As with all of our systems, ALFI is purpose built for financial intuitions and developed in conjunction with our customers. This includes the ongoing evolution of the product which sees many enhancements suggested by users being added to the software.