A Treasury Management system specifically designed to meet in full the operational and reporting needs for Treasury in the financial services sector.


The Whistlebrook Treasury Management System (WTMS) is a scalable, function-rich Treasury solution providing a high degree of usability, auditability and configurability without compromising core Treasury functions. In addition to the extensive reporting suite and its flexible export capabilities, WTMS comes complete with on-screen KPIs and integrated analytical dashboards.

This visually appealing system is designed to streamline your end-to-end Treasury processes across all your legal entities and dealing currencies whilst allowing a level of control that is appropriate for your organisation. Additionally, WTMS will integrate with your payments and general ledger systems offering further reductions in manual overheads.

Backed up by an experienced and proven support team, WTMS is the Treasury solution of choice for financial institutions.


At first glance, the process of Treasury Management might appear to be the same for all types of organisation however experienced treasurers will tell you this is not the case, and that requirements for a corporate organisation will be quite different to that of a bank or building society.

Treasurers of banks and building societies face many challenges including:

  • How do you get specific reports out of a Treasury system when most corporate systems simply don’t cater for them?
  • How can key analytical information be accessed easily and quickly to facilitate informed strategic decisions?
  • How can limits on exposures and funding be monitored in real time?
  • How can I improve the efficiency of, and control over, Treasury processes?

WTMS delivers many benefits to financial institutions including:

  • Full support for the day-to-day Treasury Management process for financial institutions
  • Real time limit checking
  • Support for a wide range of deal types
    • Current, call, reserve and collateral accounts
    • Term deposits and funding
    • Purchased securities
    • Issued securities
    • Repurchase agreements and TFS & ILTR
    • Derivatives
  • A full suite of financial institution-focussed reports
  • Real time limit checking across a wide set of limit types
  • Immediate access to key information via KPIs and integrated dashboards
  • Full control over changes to data in the system via workflow and security
  • Powerful and comprehensive audit capabilities including the ability to step back in time
  • Integration with your payment, general ledger and risk management systems

From the very start, WTMS was designed with the specific requirements of a financial services provider in mind. This sets the Whistlebrook system apart from other ‘corporate systems’ available in the market. This has been achieved through our long heritage as a proven industry supplier of financial systems and through working with our customers to ensure the intricate needs of a financial institution are, and continue to be, fully catered for.